We Build & Design Brands, Products & Services  for Humans.


Our journey isn't about offering services, but about crafting  iconics brands. We step into the arena each day with the commitment, discipline, and drive of an elite athlete, driven by a pursuit of high creative performance.

Our mission: to create unforgettable brands, stories that aren’t merely told but lived, and designs that break molds and etch themselves in memory. Here, we don't manufacture brands, we architect icons, imbuing them with authentic narratives that resonate throughout time. 

Our craft goes beyond creating – it's about revolutionizing, leaving indelible marks and building legacies. This is VORVN: the birthplace of icons.

We are a House of Brands, Services and Products.

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VORVN was born from the mind of a visionary with an unyielding passion for design and entrepreneurship - Mehdi Ayache Berberos. With more than 17 years of experience in varied fields from music and media to banking and government, Mehdi has developed a unique understanding of the industry. His journey has taken him through the vibrant streets of Casablanca, the soulful depths of India, the picturesque landscapes of Malaysia, and to his current home, the culturally rich island of Bali, Indonesia.

Driven by a belief in the transformative power of creativity, Mehdi has founded and  led multiple startups, including Tomorrow Media Network, Byvid, Mayhaz, Story By Vi, and Moykeez, among others. He has harnessed the power of branding and product design to solve real-life problems and translate concepts into successful business strategies.

VORVN, previously known as Unitd✵ Group represents the evolution of Mehdi's journey - an upgrade that reflects the growth and development of the brand. Now, the focus is no longer on offering services, but on creating unforgettable, human-centered brands. It's about more than design; it's about creating a significant impact and delivering exceptional results with a human-centered approach.

In his work, Mehdi is inspired by visionaries like George Lois, Paul Rand, Milton Glaser ...  and by his belief that a great idea can revolutionize the world. This commitment to the power of creativity and the impact of singular vision manifests itself in VORVN, which stands for "Visionary One-man Venture in Design & Narratives."

With roots in Morocco and branches stretching to Asia, VORVN is not just a company but a testament to the power of creativity and the human spirit. It's the embodiment of the belief that the real creative act and the best ideas come not from many minds, but from one mind, one vision. And so, VORVN continues on its journey, crafting unforgettable brands and investing in humans, shaping the world, one problem at a time" under one sign "VE VOLD OR BE FORGTTN"

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